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Emotioneering: How Would You Explain It?

Updated: Jul 15

So, what is Emotioneering? Well, let's look first at what it is not.

Tesla, incredible brand, incredible company, fantastic mission, they are creating high-performance vehicles and cars. They're continuing to improve and tweak or adapt their vehicles to improve their skill, their ability, and to just enhance their performance all the time. They will continue to do that. They’re driven by electric. People are not driven by electric or diesel or petrol. People are driven by emotion.

We're not engineering, we are emotioneering human performance, where we help people to increase their ability and their skill. We have to speak to their hearts. You have to connect with emotions to do that. It's our brain’s first instinct to think with our emotions and this is based on our experiences in life. Emotioneering is about human performance. It's how we grow as individuals, as well as how we grow within the workplace. It's how we improve our relationships and how we improve our skills, how we improve our abilities to have more fulfilled lives and careers.

Why on earth are we talking about this and why does it matter? Well, for us as individuals, it can actually be argued that we are having the one overall motivation in life to have meaningful relationships with people. That's the only way to fulfilment, some people will say. It’s our relationships with loved ones, with friends and family. It's how we interact socially that is going to make us feel much happier and will prolong our life. This also applies to organisations or businesses, because we work with people and not robots.

Although the robots are there, the majority of the time in a service-based industry we're working with people. It's knowing how to motivate and inspire those people. It's about giving meaning to what they do, which will equal the results and the culture of your business.

Then how do we help people to build better relationships, lives and careers? It all starts with moving people from fear towards confidence. Being confident in knowing who they are and being empowered to express themselves. That starts with coaching and leadership.

If you're a CEO out there now, and you want to have a legacy, your wish, your dream, your purpose and your strategy are all focusing on the legacy. It means that you're going to leave something lasting behind. Then it really has to be about the people because that culture or that education and the way that people feel about what they do, within the company, has to continue once you're gone. Yes, it's about your results although It's about the reactions as well. That starts by emotioneering the modern mindset.


The Modern Mind Group are emotioneering human performance not engineering it.

The Modern Mind Group offers outsourced people (HR) and performance services. Taking a modern approach to business is the answer to increased profits, highly engaged teams and record breaking results. The Modern Mind Group use their own Emotioneering® Business Formula as a framework alongside the Emotioneering® Blueprint Scorecard to measure success with each business that they work with. Offering a personal and unique service. Competent, reliable and approachable consultants. Is it time to outsource your people services? Contact us today for a discovery call


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