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Emotioneering Human Performance
not Engineering it

Because People Are Driven By Emotion

What on earth is "Emotioneering"?

How do we bring results

that many business owners

didn't believe were possible?

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Outsourced People Operations (HR) 

Helping Your Team Emotioneer
Record-Breaking Results 


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Doing Employees Work For Them.jpg

You correct employee's mistakes again and again, do their job and pay for it

Asking For Pay Rise.jpg

Employees keep asking for pay rises when they are not at the performance level to receive them

Employee Bare Minimum.jpg

Employees are comfortable to do the bare minimum, don't have ownership or business acumen

Employees Leaving.jpg

You put a lot of time and money into onboarding and training, and get frustrated when people leave soon after

Making more Customer Problems.jpg

Employees lack great communication skills, care and experience to make clients feel happy with your service

Stuck with no one to delegate to.jpg

You would love to manage your business remotely, have more free time, but when you loosen control a bit, your team's performance falls

Emotioneering Human Performance - Modern Mind Group - People Operations and Performance Consultants

We identify & improve your team's performance by implementing the 

"Emotioneering Business Blueprint"

into your business process

The Emotioneering Business Blueprint is our own unique People Operations (HR) & Performance Strategy Framework.


It includes 13 key areas of focus to improve team performance for increased profits, world-class employee engagement and record-breaking results.


We start working with you by calculating your Emotioneering Business Score, giving us a benchmark of your team's potential.


75% of businesses have an average Emotioneering Score of 5.2 and we help them get up to a 10.




We analyse current performance and provide expert outsourced people (HR) advice to help you implement the Emotioneering Business Blueprint which can include:

Coaching & Training

Processes, Procedures & KPIs

Culture & Engagement

HR Strategy & Management


Goal Setting

Competency Framework


We do not deliver training for the sake of training, we work with employees until all new skills are firmly embedded in practice. We provide:

Leadership Training
Communications Training

Coaching & Feedback Training 
Remote Team Management
Service & Sales Training
Technology & Systems Training
Public Speaking Training Courses
and much more


We help leaders to unlock their potential and strengthen business and management skills by:
Executive Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Service & Sales Coaching
Start-Up Entrepreneur Coaching
Mindset Coaching

Case Studies


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Call Today On : 02920 100 001

Alternatively send a message below about what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours

Thanks for getting in touch! & we look forward to speaking with you soon!


Established in 2019 The Modern Mind Group is a People Operations (HR) and Performance consultancy offering professional outsourced services.

  • Trusted Advice & Guidance

  • High Quality Service

  • Personal & Unique Approach

  • Competent & Approachable Consultants

  • Reliable & Responsive Service

  • 100% of Clients Would Recommend Us


years of expertise in
people, operation
s learning and performance


hours of coaching & consultancy
from frontline employees
up to executive level 


workshops and classroom training

Melissa Curran

Founder & People Operations (HR) Director

Melissa Curran People Operations (HR) Director
  • People Operations and Performance Director with over 12 years experience 

  • Grew from a service and sales manager to people management consultant in a global American-born consultancy firm

  • Travelled the world to help clients produce record-breaking results 

  • Hit the TOP 50 UK Podcast Chart with listeners in over 80 countries with The Emotioneering Podcast

  • Has been awarded «Game Changer of the Month» featured in Creative Talk Magazine, The Homeworker and Your Business Magazine with James Caan CBE

  • Has spoken at many events for companies such as Dell, Swoop Technologies, Disability Conversations, JPI Media, and many more.

  • Author of bestselling book Emotioneering Business Results


"Melissa has been incredibly efficient and helpful with our recruiting, HR processes, team performance, and supporting the management with the best practices and advice to lead and inspire people! She has played a vital role in our human capital growth - highly recommend Melissa if you want to build and keep an efficient and strong team!" - Anna Petrenko, Operations Director

"I contacted Melissa to assist with a project I had concerning HR. I found Melissa to be professional, knowledgeable but most of all her understanding into various concerns regarding HR solutions is outstanding. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone considering HR guidance and advise." - Lisa Philips, Talent Director

"Melissa is not only a seasoned HR specialist, published author and pioneer of a modern approach to humans at work. She actually knows her stuff inside out, bursts with energy and is very hard working. She's handled or assisted me in recruitment, staff training and HR policies streamline. All on time, to top standard and with a smile. Grab her services while you can!" - Alisa Zotimova, Business Owner

"As a small business owner I can't recommend Modern Mind Group highly enough. I reached a point in my business activity when the question of efficient team work became very sensitive. I realised I can not move forward without being supported by likeminded and motivated professionals, but I had no clue how to build the team and find the right people to delegate them part of my responsibilities. My previous attempts of hiring people were unsuccessful. Luckily I met Melissa (Modern Mind Group) and the result of our collaboration exceeded my expectations. I learned how to hire right professionals, the importance of mission and goals for the motivation of employees, my team grew by one person and I finally found some peace in my busy and stressful schedule." - Dasha, Business Owner

You deserve world-class results 
for your business and your team!

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