Emotioneering Human Performance Not Engineering It

Because People Are Driven By Emotion

Untapped Potential is All Around Us


Business Leaders often underestimate what is possible when they haven't experienced it before.


Business Leaders compare to the average when it is possible to compare results to 'best in class' bringing world-class results.


It's hard to imagine that level of excellence especially when you don't know how to make it happen.

Why settle for mediocre when there is a world of possibility when you know how to achieve it?

Increasing engagement and the skill level of employees to drive results that will produce business growth beyond what you ever thought was possible.

We've proven it

With roadmaps and strategies to success that work across all operations ie. recruiting, onboarding employees, developing leaders, and the wider team through specific training and coaching following business analysis.

100+ Businesses Have an Average Emotioneering Score of 5.2 and We Help Them Get Over 8

What You Say

"Consulting style made it easy for our clients to completely trust you."

"Developed a way of allowing ambitious goals to be seen as achievable."


"Involved in transformational long term changes for our clients, who still talk about what was achieved"

What We Do

As a learning and performance consultancy, we work with your business to identify and improve performance gaps so that you can be more profitable and professionally develop your people.


Over 10 years of expertise in learning and performance with results to back it all up. 

Key Results

Orchestrated implementation of a tech-based best practice operational blueprint that strongly contributed to the generation of 10% growth through ancillary sales worth 14 Million globally for a retail business

UK based account increased growth of 36% YOY equal to 3.2 million (year 1 = build and implement - Hired, trained and developed all leadership year 2 = success) Low-cost retail business

Operational Excellence driven by strategic planning and direction of all aspects of operations of a large European Airport which resulted in almost 100% improvement YOY which equalled to 500,000e in one month (when others said it could not be done)

Communication of expectations with all employees in one month produced 24% business growth month on month when the target was 10% growth. Travel Contact Centre

Pioneered a training and development department in a growing SME with success and workshop material that is still used to this day.

"When you close skills gaps, communicate with your employees and increase belief, the results generated will be far greater than you ever imagined."

How We Do It

Our Partners & Clients

If you want to go far go together

Partners and clients.png


Over 15,000 hours in world-class coaching experience. With testimonials to back it all up. 

Guiding someone to unlock their potential is extremely rewarding. Often the seeds that are planted will transform someone's career and bring them a more fulfilled life. 


From onboarding to developing leadership and engaging teams, our courses unlock potential and develop skills to succeed.

Over 100+ Videos ready to go as well as bespoke course creation following needs analysis. 

Courses span over leadership, emotional intelligence, communication as well as mental health and wellbeing


Consulting on learning and performance involves analysis of current performance to uncover the value and potential available to you.


Implementation of proven learning and performance blueprints and road maps to success to transform and create long term change. 

You Deserve World-Class Results for Your Business and Your Team!


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