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Emotioneering Business Results - Interview

Updated: Jul 15

The workplace is a forever growing and changing environment within every organisation across the globe, it can be difficult to know where to go next to keep a successful developing business. Emotioneering business results is an informative book written by author Melissa Curran as a blueprint for how to emotioneer your team of employees to achieve the best possible results. As a people operations and performance consultant, Melissa has delivered over 1,000 in-person workshops as well as over 15,000 hours of coaching from frontline employees to executive leaders, travelled the world to help people better performance levels and helped clients produce record-breaking results, hit the top 50 UK podcast chart with listeners in over 80 countries, has been awarded "Game Changer of the Month" featured in Creative Talk Magazine, has spoken at many events for companies such as Dell, Swoop Technologies, Disability Conversations, JPI Media, and many more, and lastly Melissa has been a UK Radio Breakfast Show presenter, crashing the website on the first day! Born in Swansea, South Wales, Melissa was raised in a “hardworking, loving and encouraging household” by her encouraging mother, a “singer and performer”, as well as her dedicated father, an “engineer and toolmaker”. The book is dedicated to Melissa’s dad and she refers to his phrase “you’ll figure it out” and she claims this way of thinking is “why I am who I am”. When talking about college, Melissa specifically mentions her English teacher who was “a great inspirational character” who “always helped me to look into the subtext of what was happening behind the words, what was happening behind what someone was saying” and she claims that looking deep into people’s words and “what else was going on?” is what helped her step into emotional intelligence. From there Melissa worked many different jobs, including working in the South Wales evening post selling advertising space where she at first “didn't even know what sales and marketing was”. Whilst “climbing the corporate ladder of the sales and performance management world” Melissa began to dream outside of Swansea which took her to London where she became an assistant fitness manager until she “got busy enough” to leave and open up her own “personal training and sports massage”. Eventually, even after the success of her business, she closed and went back to working in service and sales and once again began “climbing the ladder” where she then “pioneered a training and development department and started to really change” which gave her the opportunity to become a management consultant where she flew all over Europe and worked with many different clients throughout her career. Now, Melissa works with clients in “predominantly service-based industry business leaders, that are looking to transform their results but also understand how to get the best out of their people, and have happier people” When we first pick up a copy of “Emotioneering Business Results” it is very likely our first thoughts will be “what on earth is emotioneering?”, when describing emotioneering, Melissa often begins with “let’s go with what it’s not” where she explains “We are not mechanical human beings. We are not driven by electricity. You cannot plug us in. We're not driven by diesel. Some of us might be fueled by caffeine and other things some days, but when we're not, we are driven by emotion. People are driven by emotion.” Melissa stresses that she wants us to understand that “everything that we do within business impact a human's emotions, a person's emotions before anything else” Melissa then goes forward to read us an excerpt from her book which states “Every time you change the commission structure, you’re emotioneering, every time you give someone feedback, you’re emotioneering, every time you implement new technology, you’re emotioneering, every time you have a meeting, you are emotioneering. And then you're left wondering about whether you should have said it that way or done it that way, or could have been better, this is also emotioneering, but internally for yourself.” Melissa’s intention with this book is to help you be better at emotioneering your team where you can feel peace of mind knowing your team work well together even without you. Melissa says her biggest learning when going through the process of constructing, planning and writing this book was realising “How much of an aspirational goal person that I am” she tells us how she first claimed she would have the book written “in two weeks” and even set a time and date that it will be finished by. After a week had passed she then realised “ this might not materialise” although a month in she already had 8,000 words down but Melissa then reminds us “ it's not about missing, it's about how much you miss it by, then readjust to go again” and refers to Elon Musk’s promises to release Tesla by a certain date. She also notes a second learning from writing the book and admits “it’s really scary” although she does not say this to put anyone off of writing as she is a “big believer in courage”, but rather she says it to express how we won’t always be aware of how some situations will affect us. She goes on to say “once you put your words and your life story and everything that you've ever thought, your beliefs, and things that you want to do down on paper, and it's in black and white, it's official, suddenly it becomes more of a big deal.”

Many were curious about what drove Melissa to even begin writing this book, so, in relation to the journey of writing the Emotioneering Business results, Melissa took a dive into the question of what made her think what she has to say isn’t being said elsewhere and that it was time to write about it. She behind by saying “so everything that I talk about in the book is what I believe from being a performance consultant in the work that I do. I saw it every single day.” She says that the framework was already there. But Melissa herself is the one who digs deeper on the “why” aspect of all these strategies and continues to say “ it took changing people's beliefs in what they do and the way that they do things day in, day out, that I saw that other people weren't doing.” Melissa also mentions the encouragement of her clients who claimed she is “a very practical person” especially when asking questions such as “what are we going to do about it? How are we gonna do it? And how are we going to get there? or what are we going to do first?” she sees that “there are people that need the theory There are people that need the black and white that want to read the ins and outs of it.” which is what led Melissa to be motivated to write a book explaining the emotioneering formula and framework. She then closes this question with “ I'm emotioneering

to change the hearts and minds of at least one million people for the better and with part of that comes to the fact that it has to come from leadership because I won't be able to affect all of that change just as myself”

When considering that people will not remember every lesson and piece of advice from the book at all times, Melissa picked out her top three things in the book that she hopes people will take away and remember. The first point she mentions is “we have to get fluffy. If you are not a relationship-building person that does it naturally, you can move towards it” she reinforces her statement that “relationships come first” since “it’s the relationships plus results that will equal your reputation” and she explains that she strongly believes in this due to relationships being one of the key things we will have left when we grow old. The second thing Melissa would like her readers to remember is the “doing”, she states “Yes, we can talk about it. Yes, I want to help you get on the bus. Yes, I want to help you believe, but it is in the execution of what you do” she describes to us how it is okay to think about our plans but we need to take up the courage to do them as “You ability to execute will equal your results”. Lastly, as a third message Melissa would like us to remember from the book, she chose “Just know I'm with you! if you are struggling to find the inspiration, the story that matches how you feel. I've written those stories in there to help you to be able to know, there's a bit of inspiration in there for you” she expresses how repetition is what will bring results and that it wouldn’t be a “true reflection” to believe that she personally only did everything in the book 'once' to get results. She closes with “It's upon repetition of those things and the consistency of them that will bring about the result”.

With Melissa’s plethora of business knowledge, a question that has grown in relevancy due to the events of recent years is how should someone engage and motivate a remote team? Luckily Melissa has both internal and external experience working with and viewing online-based teams and believes “it comes down to an individual's motivation” she then explains that “engagement goes far beyond being motivated. Engagement is how connected you are to the work” and that “ you have to be able to connect with them and connect the business objectives with the personal objectives”. Melissa then goes on to suggest the possibility of getting your team to “connect together rather than working in silos” as a possible way to increase connections and relationships between employees, especially if they are working in other countries than where you are currently based.

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