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How Learning And Performance Consultancy Will Work For You

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Not everything is a training issue. If you are in business and want to know how Learning & Performance Consultancy will work for you, read this article. In it, we'll discuss the benefits of performance consulting, what is done, who needs the help and how it all works.

Learning and Performance Consulting is an approach to help companies optimize the performance of their employees and the organization as a whole. It emphasizes achieving clearly identified business goals. To produce business results, performance consultants conduct analysis, design training interventions, monitor intervention success, and make data-informed revisions to the interventions as needed.

Business executives and senior management often engage performance consultants when they recognize that their employees are not performing to the desired standards or meeting required metrics.

Some problems or challenges with performance could be for example -

  • Long customer wait times and high complaints

  • Low sales performance due to lack of belief in the process or lack of knowledge around how the products can help customers.

  • Lack of teamwork and employee cohesion

  • New employees leaving the company within the first year

Not all of these will be a training issue and could be due to -

  • Lack of accountability.

  • Poor communication.

  • Ineffective leadership style.

Performance consultants then are brought in to address problems like these and overcome challenges, as well as other things such as team performance, organizational culture, process design etc., with their expertise in this field.

It is an approach that can be used for any organization or company since the strategy and roadmap focused on the people and processes within the organisation that can be adapted around the business needs. Best practices typically include using data-driven insights from monitoring interventions to make revisions to the intervention design and implementation strategy if needed.

Phase 1 - Partnering

Phase 2 - Assessing Performance

Phase 3 - Implementing Interventions

Phase 4 - Measuring Performance

Phase 5 - Revising Interventions

The end result is generally better performance by employees who will feel more engaged when they know someone cares about them enough to do something about what's bothering them at work - whether it's helping improve themselves, helping them to make a change in the company or both.

The number one challenge: How do you get your team members interested in improving themselves? The answer lies not only on what they are motivated by but also where these motivations come from - whether it's external circumstances that cause them to want to change their behaviour or internal ones for example personal growth opportunities or professional development needs.

At the Modern Mind Group, we provide Learning and Performance Consultancy. We are emotioneering learning and performance and have been instrumental in success across 8 different countries producing results of almost 18 million in increased revenue.

Start today and call us to arrange a free consultation.


The Modern Mind Group are emotioneering human performance not engineering it.

As people operations and performance consultants, we work with your business to identify and improve performance gaps so that you can be more profitable and professionally develop your people. Over 12 years of expertise in people operations and performance with results to back it all up. Why settle for the average when there is a world of possibility when you know how to achieve it? Untapped potential - Let's go get it!


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