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5 Reasons To Outsource Your HR Services

Updated: Jul 15

You may have been considering it for a while or as your team has started to grow the challenges with HR, people, culture and talent development have started to stack up and now you need some help, but is it really the right choice for you and the business? Take a look at these 5 reasons to outsource your HR services and then you will have a clearer picture to make the best decision.

1. Not To Wing It

There are around 5 million small to medium businesses in the UK. Many business owners starting out will get some legal support in the form of employee contracts, employee handbooks and essential company policies, the challenge with this is that it still leaves them wondering, “Am I onboarding employees correctly?”, “How do I set expectations with my team?”, “Am I giving my employees feedback right?” or “Am I still compliant with employment law?”. Not having the right support and guidance then acting on what they think, leaves businesses vulnerable to risk by ‘winging it’. Many leaders that I have worked with often tell me that the people management side of what they do is the one that can cause them to feel the most unsettled. Outsourced HR services, and working with a people and performance consultant, will provide you with the confidence and competence to have the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing. An essential part of the recipe for a good night’s sleep!

2. Strategy For Success

A people and performance consultant can offer strategic business success. Leading to improved competitive edge and better results. Up until a certain point a company may have only been doing what is necessary for their people and having ad hoc telephone support from an online service or an advisory line. This is a much more reactive approach instead of setting business goals and objectives then working backwards on what needs to happen. Some people consultancy practices have a framework for success that they can help you understand and learn. If your business is a people centric one, it will help you to have a helicopter or big picture view of your business understanding that everything you do, or don’t do is contributing to business success. At the Modern Mind Group, we have created the Emotioneering® Business Blueprint which is a diagnostic scorecard designed to help you understand where your business is today and where it can be with the implementation of key initiatives. I would also encourage you to ask some powerful strategy questions for example, “where are we today?”, “where do we want to be?” “What is holding us back?”, “What is motivating you forward?” and “What needs to be done and by who to get to our outcome?”. Save these questions somewhere are for every are of the business ask them to figure out a way to improve. Where there is a strategy there is a way to succeed.

3. Improved Confidence for Leaders

100% of employees want feedback, only 25% of leaders are confident to give feedback. This statistic is backed with my experience as a consultant in the field. Unless a leader has had coaching about providing feedback to their team, they either don’t give clear feedback or do and have a negative effect on the morale. Direct line managers have the biggest impact when it comes to making their employees feel appreciated as well as there being a direct correlation to their professional development. Working with an outsourced people and performance consultant that knows how to give feedback and can coach in this area will ensure the performance of the team and the business. Helping someone to grow or change their behaviour is all about a transfer of trust which can only be achieved when a leader is confident to give feedback, if the leader isn’t confident the employee isn’t going to trust the advice being given and there will be little or no change. This is just one example of an area of where leadership confidence is crucial but it applies to gaining buy in across the whole company to implement business changes. Having outsourced HR services and expertise on hand will provide you with the self-belief you need as a leader to take action and confidently lead the team forward.

4. Save Money

Hiring a full time HR person will only get you a certain level of skillset with an annual salary that you have budgeted for. It’s a risk, because unless you have had a lot of experience working with the best HR people or you have a large wealth of knowledge in this area yourself, then you may end up hiring the wrong person or there may not actually be that much for them to do yet. When growing a business you can’t afford to spend money on the wrong person or solution. Getting an outsourced people and performance consultant can ensure you get the right level of expertise, help you strategically plan as well as prioritise what actions need to happen. A an outsourced people service can help you set the foundations and then when the time is right help you hire that full time people person that you need. On average businesses see a saving of between 30 – 50% of what a salary would cost. Make sure you choose the right option for you and your people. Another great perspective to this is when you have grown and need a consultant for a specific project, maybe it’s digital transformation of HR tools, delivering training, defining best practice for talent development or to give independent outside perspective. There are many benefits and outsourcing a project will be an investment in the short term although provide you singular focus to get a project completed to gain more in the long term.

5. Happier and Engaged Employees

It’s no surprise! Happier, motivated and highly engaged employees perform better and deliver a higher quality of work. The challenge is that many business owners that set up without this knowledge don’t know what to do or how to figure this out. Employee engagement is all about discretionary effort. This is impacted by many factors, some of them being, recognition, reward, being aligned with the business purpose, business policies or processes and the relationship with their direct line manager. When a business focuses on performance and culture then then the high performing employees are happier because they know that everyone in the team is required and held accountable to the same level of effort and delivery. Winners want to be on winning teams. Taking a modern approach to business is the answer to increased profits, highly engaged teams and record breaking results. Let’s make better workplaces and do the right thing by the people.

So, there you have it, 5 reasons that outsourced HR services can help you, your team and your business. Now the next question is, “who can help you and where you can find them?” I might know someone… Don’t delay, take action today!


The Modern Mind Group offers outsourced people (HR) and performance services. Taking a modern approach to business is the answer to increased profits, highly engaged teams and record breaking results. The Modern Mind Group use their own Emotioneering® Business Formula as a framework alongside the Emotioneering® Blueprint Scorecard to measure success with each business that they work with. Offering a personal and unique service. Competent, reliable and approachable consultants. Is it time to outsource your people services? Contact us today for a discovery call


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