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Why is Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Not Working?

Updated: May 17, 2021

There is a lot of discussions on workplace wellbeing within organisations especially from what we see on LinkedIn or virtual events. I’m sure that there are many business leaders out there that are looking at a wellbeing strategy with the best intentions and then leaves them wondering why maybe the initiatives they have chosen haven’t made the impact they were hoping for.

Well, a big part of why a workplace wellbeing strategy or training plan won't work is because we are viewing it as a project. It is not BAU, why is it not BAU? If you are viewing your wellbeing strategy as icing on the cake and not the actual eggs and the flour that create the cake, then there's a fundamental flaw.

We know that 70% of all projects will fail. So, if you are viewing your wellbeing strategy as a project or a tick box exercise and something to just do…. in the pandemic, or while people are working from home, it's not going to work. It must become business as usual. So how do we help it become business as usual?

Well, there is a lot of things that we can do to do that, but that's what you want to start thinking about. How can it become business as usual, the most successful wellbeing coaches out there and consultants will say to you, ‘it needs to be part of your roadmap’, ‘It needs to be part of your strategy', ‘It can't be a sideline’!

Remember the problem is that you are viewing your wellbeing strategy as icing on the cake. Instead of realising it is the cake, it must be part of the process and any consultant worth their salt will tell you that.

If they are worth it, they will tell you that it cannot be the answer to just do a training workshop, that is something that's nice. Yes. And it will have some reactions from your team, and it will show them that you value their development and their wellbeing on some level, but it won't change things long term. It is not going to change things long term because implementation, follow up and actions are where change happens.

Belief takes a long time to change. Although that's what is needed. That's what they need. That's what your people need. So, let's start today. What's stopping you?


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