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Emotioneering Business Results - Book Review

Emotioneering business results is an eye-opening read and a handy helpful tool for leaders of any kind looking to increase performance, engagement, profit, competitive advantage or learn about emotioneering people in the working world and is a book tailored to be suitable for all businesses. It was written by founder and CEO of the Modern Mind Group, Melissa Curran, and the book was published on 22.2.22, reaching the number one bestseller on amazon under the topic “HR & Personnel Management”. Melissa believes that taking a modern approach to business is the answer to increased profits, highly engaged teams, and record-breaking results which she claims is all possible with her well written “emotioneering business results blueprint”.

The most impressive feature of this book is how noticeably structured it is but at the same time also very raw and natural with a satisfactory amount of honest outlooks. Throughout this book Melissa walks us through her P.E.A.C.E. strategy, providing us with plenty of personal experiences alongside useful and sometimes relatable examples as well as using trustworthy sources from credible polling organisations such as Gallup for sections that include interesting facts and statistics.

What makes Melissa’s views, opinions, and ideas so valuable is her outstanding experience within an array of roles throughout business, this is all visible via the constant show of empathy throughout the book, especially during the “saying goodbye” (page 57) section where she expresses a powerful point of view on underperforming employees and the questions you should be asking yourself as a leader. This section in particular was one that teased my mind and had me thinking of my own current mindset and beliefs on the topic, which the book aims to do throughout each section as emotional intelligence is a key factor to much of Melissa’s work. The personal experience and relatability in this book is incredibly appealing and Melissa Curran has delivered over 15,000 hours of coaching from frontline employees up to executive leaders, so every drop of information was relevant and either backed by experience or facts.

One of my favourite viewpoints Melissa shares that I strongly agree with is the emphasis on the endless potential of people, her opinion is that “fostering a culture of curiosity and growth is key to growing your organisation, having a highly engaged team and world-class results” (page 131) and it is great to see the encouragement of leaders to develop this mindset and become more people-driven. This book is a refreshing breath of positivity amongst the modern negative bias, especially within the state of business after the past few long and hard years people have faced, it is encouraging to read the words of someone who truly believes in the potential of people and has the results to prove its worth.

Unfortunately for such a broad topic, there will always be more that could have been said or answered, new moments of enlightenment or newfound strategies are inevitable in a forever growing and developing side of the business world, but that only makes the book more impressive, Melissa’s efforts to answer the endless pool of questions shows great dedication to inform, not persuade, her readers. Due to this, I would love to see another book written by Melissa after a good few years have passed to further discuss burning questions and new ideas and strategies once again.

This book is an eye-opening and educational read that I would highly recommend to all leaders and managers looking to improve their organisation or improve their understanding and empathy towards employees as well as anyone wanting to learn more about performance consultancy. In my opinion, this book is easily five stars as it is informative throughout every topic discussed, shares experiences in an interesting way, invites us into Melissa's life and shows vulnerability which takes great courage as well as educating us in a structured and memorable format.

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