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5 Facts and Stats on Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Having higher emotional intelligence is linked to improved mental health, better leadership skills as well as better relationships with others. It is crucial to our personal development and it's at the core of great people skills.

Here are some stats and facts to back up that claim and why they are absolutely important to our personal development.

Emotional Intelligence Fact Number 1 -

26% of employers give feedback to non-supervisory roles based on emotional intelligence.

That's only 26% of them. So 74% of employees aren't given the feedback at all when it's such a fundamental skill to build relationships with your customers, with people within the workplace. I'm quite disappointed that we haven't got a higher figure on this, although I'm sure it will start to come in the years ahead.

Emotional intelligence fact, number 2 -

a whopping 74% of executives and senior leadership believe that emotional intelligence become a must have skill.

So if we go back to the first fact to back that up, senior execs are agreeing that it is important, but we're only having 26% of organizations actually acting on that right now. That is a big gap to fill.

Emotional intelligence fact number 3 -

64% of employees say that they would trust an artificial intelligent robot more than their actual manager.

This study was done by Oracle and Future Workplace. That's over half of people that say that they would trust the robot more. We have to do more in terms of improving emotional intelligence in leadership. If you think about it, the statistics of the pressures and the statistics of mental health has gone up, but we're not improving our emotional intelligence or people skills. Is there some type of correlation there? I believe there is although I'll leave it to you to make your own mind up on that as well.

Emotional intelligence fact number 4 -

the demand for emotional intelligence skills in the workplace will increase as artificial intelligence goes up and evolves. The demand for emotional intelligence is estimated to increase by six times the amount that it is now,

74% of businesses really still have the opportunity to train people within the workplace on that. You can also stay ahead by improving and taking your personal development into your own hands.

Emotional intelligence fact number 5 -

85 to 87% of success is accounted for by emotional intelligence. Although we only actually pay attention to these skills 10% of the time.

I'm reading this great book at the moment that's based around consciousness within sales, by a great author, coach and consultant called Taran Hughes called The Conscious Sale. There are many pearls of wisdom in this book about bringing consciousness to our work and focusing on what our intentions are. I highly recommend it.

It's quite surprising to think that only 10% of the time we are being conscious about what we say and do. We're not being conscious the rest of the time, so how we improve our interactions with other people and also how we speak can only be done with consciousness.

This also links to what we're thinking and saying to ourselves.

Be mindful of what you say to yourself because you're always listening.

Let's all pay a little bit more attention to what we do and say, if we pay a little bit more attention to it, I'm sure that we all can definitely start to see where we can improve.

If you are looking for a better career, a happier, more fulfilling life and great relationships with people then it is definitely worth investing in yourself and improving your emotional intelligence.


The Modern Mind Group are emotioneering human performance not engineering it.

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