Personal Development & Mental Health

If you are considering training courses, counselling, coaching or know someone you would like to encourage to get help, this video blog on personal development and mental health discusses some of the questions that get  the process of personal development. 


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Why Do People Get a Counsellor or Coach?

Melissa talks about why some people choose to get a counsellor or coach to help them back to mental wellness and improve their mental health at the Modern Mind Group

The Canary Concept -

Workplace Mental Health Training For Managers

Melissa Talks to us about the challnge in the workplace with mental health. What The Canary Cocept is and how it can help you and your team. 

What Will Happen in My First Counselling Session?

Melissa explains what will happen in your first counselling session and what to expect at the Modern Mind Group

How Does Online Counselling Work?

Melissa explains how online counselling works and what to expect at The Modern Mind Group

What Are The Benefits Of Online Counselling?

Melissa explains the benefits of online counselling and why is is becoming more popular at The Modern Mind Group

How Long Does Counselling Take?

Melissa explains how long counselling can take on average and what to expect at the Modern Mind Group

Why Does Counselling Make Me Cry?

Melissa explains why crying is a natural part of the process in counselling and why it is okay.

When is the Right Time to Stop Counselling?

Melissa explains when may be the right time to stop counselling and what happens after that at the Modern Mind Group

Why am I a Counsellor and Coach?

Melissa talks about why she is a counsellor and coach at The Modern Mind Group

Who Am I? - Melissa

Founder Melissa Curran talks about a little bit about who she is. Joined by pet dog Tempah the Frenchiie #tempahthefrenchie