There is nothing we love more than knowing our customers and clients are loving the service we provide. That being said we also appreciate feedback that can help us grow, evolve and improve. 

Take a look below at what people have to say about the service and experience with us.


"Your consulting style made it easy for our clients to completely trust you and you developed a way of allowing ambitious goals to be seen as achievable. Instrumental in transformational long term changes for our clients, who still talk about what was achieved"

- Paul, Executive Director

"Melissa is someone who truly embodies how to engage teams and individuals, both internally and externally. She has been successful in improving engagement and implementing cultural changes with clients. Melissa has proven herself over the years in terms of training and content creation that delivers results and makes a lasting impact. Her presentation style is captivating as her passion for training and coaching is clear from the outset. Melissa displays strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy, which is why she has the ability to motivate those around her. Being a critical thinker, with strong emotional intelligence, Melissa is someone I would highly recommend to business owners looking to take their culture, employees and performance to the next level.

- Mark, Operational Excellence Manager

"An inspiring and creative leader, with a decisive and holistic approach to achieving results. Working with Melissa makes the journey to success exciting and rewarding!

- Rawiri, Founder & Director


"Practical tips throughout. A reminder that it is important to invest in you and then the rest will be better. I have already used that when talking to a team member"

-Rachel - Chief People Officer

"Was an inspiring and thoughtful presentation. It takes a perspective that involves attainable action items to start improvement now."

- Jennifer - Founder

"Your knowledge shines through, Great tone and pace. Overall it's a very informative course, offering great insight and guidance on supporting someone else."

- Hayley - Business Owner & Consultant


"I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Melissa. A breath of fresh air and always in high spirits. Melissa has a natural ability to help grow sales professionals and help them achieve targets, using her knowledge, leadership and communication skills! Thank you for all your efforts and support during our time working together."

-James, Sales Manager

"You do a great job at empowering me and connecting the dots. I always feel two feet taller after our sessions and clear on what to do next."

- Claire, Executive