E-Learning Course in Marketing Essentials


This is a collection of 10 e-learning courses as a bundle to give you all the Marketing Essentials to promote a business, product or service. 


*World Class Content

*10 Short Courses

*Completion Certificate

*Accredited CPD Training Provider

*Blended Learning Style - Animated Interactive Videos 


Time to complete - Approx 4 Hours


Courses Included:

  • Your Shop Window, Your Website  

  • Do Your Research - Brand and Product 

  • Know Your Customers 

  • The Power of Social Media 

  • Curating the Right Content 

  • The Role of Partnerships 

  • Brand Ambassadors 

  • The Power of Networking 

  • Show, Don't Tell 

  • Introduction to Marketing Automation 


All course will include a knowledge test at the end of each. Courses can be completed in any order.


*You will have 3 months from purchase to complete all the 10 courses


The course will be completed via the Modern Mind Group Online Training Portal and can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile. The log details will be sent via email within 24 hours of purchase.

Marketing Essentials E-Learning / Online Course Bundle (10 courses)

  • You might have the best product or service in the world. But if no one knows it exists, you’ll never make any money out of your million dollar idea. That’s where marketing comes in.

    Marketing is no longer as simple as putting up a billboard or buying ads in the phone book. Times have changed, which means your marketing strategy needs to keep up. This collection will help you and your team navigate the digital playing field that has come to define marketing. Its 10 short courses will explain both the importance and power of marketing for your business, and outline the fundamental steps to developing the most effective strategy.  

    With courses like, “Your Shop Window, Your Website”, “The Power of Social Media”, “Brand Ambassadors”, and “Introduction to Marketing Automations”, you will learn about the modern approaches to marketing and understand how these can be used to grow a business. 

    If you’re involved with creating or promoting content, developing partnerships, or are running the whole show in the marketing department, this collection is for you. 

  • You are purchasing a Marketing Essentials e-learning Course bundle which includes 10 short courses. Once this has been purchased and confirmation received you will be emailed login details and password for our online training portal (usually within 24 hours) This is where you will access the course material and make a start on your new learning journey. You will have 3 months from purchase to complete the course. 

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