Emotional Intelligence Course - Level 1


Accredited CPD course with Certificate (12 CPD points)


Online course to help you to:

1) Understand your emotions

2) Manage your emotions


leading to building a better relationship with yourself as well as with others.


Course CPD accredited - 8 hours study time and 10 modules.

Delivered by bitesize videos and knowledge quizzes with reflection sections throughout. Learn in your own time at home on any device.


Course content

Intro To Emotional Intelligence
-What is it
-Why is it important
-How to Improve it
-Stats and facts
-Knowledge Quiz

The Limbic System
-Whats is it?
-What is the function of the limbic system
-Knowledge Quiz

What are emotions
-Brain's survival mechanism
-Emotions Conscious and Unconscious
-Knowing your Emotions
-Understanding Your Emotions
-Dopamine & Serotonin
-The Happiness Trap
-Knowledge Quiz

The Ego
-What is the ego?
-The needy ego
-The Ego's Impact on Emotions
-What else impacts emotions
-Ego Reflection Section

Self Awareness
-What is self-awareness
-How to improve Self-awareness

Who Am I
-16 personalities

-Reflection section

-Reflection Section
-Mindset score

-Reflection Section
-Johari's Window

How Emotion Is Formed
-Forming Emotions (scenarios)
-The Emotion Formula /Equation
-Knowledge Quiz

Changing Your Interpretation
-Understanding Your Interpretations
-Explore Your Assumptions
-Locus of control / Analyze Interpretations
-Knowledge Quiz/reflection section

Letting Go of Emotion
-Observe and Detach
-Notice Label and Accept
-Letter of Emotion
-Can Will When
-5 steps to recondition the mind
-knowledge Quiz





3 months to complete the course.

Emotional Intelligence Course - Level 1

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  • This is an online eLearning Course. This course will take approximately 12 hours to complete and there are 10 modules. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. This is an accredited CPD course. You will have 3 months from the date of purchase to complete the course.