World Suicide Prevention Day - Round Up

Thursday September 10th marked World Suicide Prevention Day so I wanted to give a round up of some of the key initiatives that took place and that the Modern Mind Group were in support of.

If you have been following our blogs and posts you will know that 74,000 people per month google the phrase ‘how to kill yourself’ put this together with the figure of 800,000 souls that choose to take their lives every year and it’s not hard to understand why this subject is so thematic.

Due to the pandemic, loss of jobs, loss of routine and increased pressure on finances these numbers on suicide have been dramatically rising.


Here is a round up of the key initiatives, from our perspective, that were delivered yesterday –

One Team Gov – Webinar

This was a three hour webinar organised by One Team Gov which I attended to bring awareness to suicide prevention across mainly the civil service sector. There were some extremely educational presentations from many different speakers. Steve Phillip was one of the key guest speakers at the event. Steve shared an incredibly open and transparent story of how suicide has impacted him and the whole family where his much-loved son, Jordan, took his own life in December 2019.

Steve is now on a mission to support the reduction of stigma, raise awareness and save lives. He has set up The Jordan Legacy in his son’s name to continue to educate and do more in the community to create change. Steve also shared part of this story with us on a podcast episode here is the link –

Please do check out the One Team Gov website and sign up to the Jordan Legacy for the newsletter as well as important news.

Dale Darley – Article and Video

“Dale is known as the WORD alchemist and is an intuitive writing coach. She supports her clients to a) destress and find their version of inner peace through the power of journaling and word alchemy and b) to write and publish a non-fiction book which creates an impact on their business and life c) Content strategy and planning - making your content work harder for you”

She lives in the peace of the hills in Spain with her three rescue dogs and eats cake... Dale Darley says “become and inspiration and show others what is possible in the world”.

When Dale found out about the 74,000 people that are looking to end their lives, she was compelled to be a part of making a difference. Through her own struggles and battles with bouts of depression Dale wanted to share her story. Which you can read here – ‘World Suicide Prevention Day – My Story’ there is also a video of Dale talking about her experiences. An honest piece which really pulls on the heart strings.

Hayley T Wheeler - Article

Hayley is an Emotional Empowerment Coach helping children and adults back to being mentally healthy and take control of their own path.

‘When you think you can’t go on…. Written for Suicide Prevention Day 2020’

Hayley has battled her own depression and now empowers others to do the same. This article that Hayley wrote especially for yesterday, touches on how Hayley felt in her darkest moments of depression as well as the positives steps she took. These steps helped her get back to a place that would ensure she could be there for her family and not choose the final decision that so many do. An article that is so important to share.

This inspiring story will help others to hopefully think again and make a different choice.

Hayley does so much more in the local community. Openly speaking at public events, running workshops, and has authored a book on domestic abuse. Hayley does all this because she knows ‘Self-Knowledge is a Super Power’.

Deb Morgan – Book Excerpt

Deb is the REAL Relationship Coach. With the motto of ‘Life is Not a Rehearsal’.

Which is so true.

Suicide prevention and inspiring people to make a different choice is why she has allowed me share this except with you today for her powerful and insightful book.

‘I had reached the end of my tether, I couldn't take any more bad news or bad luck after the 3 years I'd just been through. You see, my business had become insolvent on New Year's Eve 2008 and life had become progressively worse. On that night in November 2011 I had every intention of taking my life but before the hour was out I took a decision that saved my life but would cause me to compromise every aspect of my future from that point onwards, question lots of the values and principles I held dear and simultaneously change my life for the better.’

Deb authored the book ‘Whatever it Takes: Living With, Leaving and Surviving Psychological Abuse’ by Deborah Jane available for download from

Through her own lived experience and working her way from the bottom up Deb now helps so many people through the work that she does as a relationship coach.

Deb also recorded a video for Linkedin which you can find here. I am sure you will agree an incredible woman with so much passion to help others.

Champion Health - Rescource

Champion Health Founded by Harry Bliss took to offering a downloadable suicide prevention document which you too can find here. Great work from Champion Health to make a difference as always to improve the education and mental health of others. You can download it here.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Show Online - Webinar

Dawn Evans and the team at Ajuda ran an initiative where they had a two hour free event where speakers shared their stories on mental health with the full focus on suicide prevention and raising awareness.

Dawn has so much passion for improving mental health and has build an online community of mental health professionals. Dawn is a successful business woman and coach who really does believe in empowering others.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Show Online are running a 2 day conference on 8th and 9th October - you can get tickets here.


These initiatives were only the ones that I was able to catch a glimpse of yesterday. There were so many more. We even published our own in the hope that someone finds it and changes their mind. You can read it here. It really pulled on the emotions yesterday. The day before I had been on a call with someone who had posted that they were contemplating taking their own life. A call with someone supportive and encouraging can really help.

It really hit home to me that the answer, from my experienced perspective as a counsellor is education. The more we can understand the more we can be confident to help others, reduce the stigma and start to understand ourselves a lot more.

The more we know the less we fear. So, let me ask you this what have you done to educate yourself on mental health? We all talk about it but what do we really know about it?

Let’s do more and learn more.

The Modern Mind Group offers Mental Health Awareness Training that can be delivered in the classroom or as an online eLearning course.

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