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Why It Pays To Find Courage At Work

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

It is often said that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. This quote suggests a simple truth: bravery can be learned and practised. It also suggests another truth: we all have opportunities to practice it every day. In this post, I'll offer some tips on how you can find courage at work, and why you should start today!

- Look for opportunities to be brave.

Brave acts are often the ones we don't think of as such. Things like taking on new tasks, confronting a difficult conversation with your boss or coworker, and standing up for what you believe in. Brave isn't always about doing something big; it's sometimes about doing smaller things that make us uncomfortable but show courage nonetheless.

- Notice when you feel fear arise at work and pause to name it: "I'm feeling apprehensive."

The more aware we are of our feelings without judgment, the easier it is to identify which emotions might be holding us back from being brave. Authenticity is powerful because people can sense when someone else has come truly clean with themselves inside their own skin.

- Notice what you're feeling when you want the courage to arise.

What emotions are present? Fear, excitement, anger? And how does it feel in your body - tense or relaxed; contracted or expansive?

Think about someone that is brave. Think about how they behave. What do they say? What might their body language be like and how would you know for sure that this person is brave?

- Write down about a time when you were brave at work or in life

When we're brave at work, we show up for others and ourselves with kindness and compassion. Bravery can't be seen as a weakness but rather a strength because it takes bravery to confront our fears head-on no matter how daunting they might be. Think of someone who is or was brave in your life - what does their behaviour look like? And how would you know if this person was being courageous or not?"

We live in a world where there is heightened anxiety about taking risks and being vulnerable. Some of this fear comes from a lack of understanding about the power that bravery can play in our lives, both at work and elsewhere.

Brave individuals have more energy than those who are fearful - even after confronting their deepest fears!

It also builds confidence for others around them when we take brave action. We all need people who will step up with us when things get tough on occasion so let's make an effort to help each other out by standing together through life’s challenges.

Not being brave can mean that one of your big human needs can be overlooked which is to be valued. If you cannot speak up for the things that you believe in then you will feel that you have not contributed so then others will find it difficult to show you how valued you are causing you to be unhappy long term.

So next time put on that imaginary cape, back yourself and step into courage!


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