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What People Say About Our Mental Health Awareness Course

Updated: May 17, 2021

There are so many courses out there that we want to be transparent about what feedback has been received since the launch of our courses. We are so grateful for the people and learners that have chosen to take the course with us.

Here are some of the questions we ask and some of the feedback we have received about our Mental Health Awareness Course. These are from our ‘early adopters’, the first people to experience what the Modern Mind Group can offer as a training provider.

The main aim of our mental health awareness course is to provide confidence to help others with a mental health challenge or crisis, increase knowledge and understanding and reduce stigma through education.

And to be really honest with you, our valued customers and clients, we’ve also included what people wanted us to improve on too….

What are the main takeaways for you and why?

"Definitely how to help support people who are struggling. It can sometimes be easy to spot the signs or have someone even tell you what they are going through or how they are feeling, but hard to know how to deal with it or help the person feel supported, so I have taken away ways to break down how best to support someone" – John

"I loved the canary concept around burnout (the six stages) and feel that the analogies work in my workplace." – Allison

"To have a better awareness and understanding." – Sam

"To use The A.L.S.E.E approach within the my community, with family and friends that I work with. I feel understanding yourself is a very important area to have then you are more able to support and guide others in need." – Eileen

"For me the eating disorders section was most informative because my knowledge wasn’t as in depth previously." – Hayley

How do you feel the overall experience has been for you?

"Brilliant. I’ve been able to take the course at my own pace, the content is easy to follow, broken down really well so I could complete it in chunks and go away to reflect on how I can put it in to practice or how it will affect me day To day" – John

"Great, the information not new as I have completed similar courses but found the delivery and set up of the information worked well for me." – Allison

"Good! Really enjoyed the course and now better understand how to approach mental health. Being much more aware." – Sam

"The overall experience has been great as this is an area I have always been interested in but not had time to follow up any training that was like this in bitesize sessions. As a mature student I find long training quite time consuming and prefer to be able to learn at my own pace to do a variety of personal commitments." – Eileen

"I have enjoyed the course as it was easy to read and follow, it was informative and the pace and tone was great, a fab course all round" - Hayley

What was your favourite part?

"Writing the essay. I’m not usually a fan of writing descriptive pieces, however I found it easy to write about this as I hard to really reflect and showcase how I will use everything I’d learnt" – John

"Listening to your explanations. Short but succinctly said." – Allison

"Most of the course, knowing more about the different levels of dementia." – Sam

"My favourite section was the explanations of the 5 major areas of mental health a

I have enjoyed the course as it is easy to read and follow, it was informative and the pace and tone was great, a fab course all round" - Eileen

"I like the videos as they allowed me to think more about what was being said" - Hayley

What did you like most about the course?

“Information was mostly in short video format. This made it really easy to follow and worked great for me as a learning aid. I’m not great with reading text, I learn best from visual/audio and practical application. Really good information too, some really interesting facts, backed up with articles etc.” – John

"The detail of the information and the short video and being self-paced." – Allison

"The variety of the course. The PowerPoint sets. The overall breakdown of the course." – Sam

"I enjoyed the bitesize sessions and being able to pause, reflect and digest the information." – Eileen

"The practical tips were great around having supportive conversations" - Hayley

For Next Time What Would You Recommend?

"Maybe some additional written questions to help test knowledge and make the user reflect on application more" – John - This is a fair comment and one that we will look at as we create more content. Thank you.

"Your assignment could be to list contact organisations. Make it they have to find three organisations that they can refer people to for help." – Allison - Fantastic feedback here, often knowing is not enough and knowing where to go for support and who to contact in your local area is crucial. Definitely something of value we can add.

"Nothing I can think of "– Sam - Thank you, glad it provided everything you were looking for.

"Maybe a section regarding legislation /Disability Acts." – Eileen - Thank you and we are creating a course specifically for this.

"I suggest adding a few more pictures into the videos as I like visuals. Also amending the typo on the spelling of Dementia on the category list" – Hayley - Thank you and as soon as this was received the typo was changed. One that slipped through the net so glad you caught it for us. Also like the idea of a few more visuals and will create more imagery as we go forward.

How Likely Are You to Recommend The Course To Someone Else?

Extremely Likely – John

Extremely Likely – Allison

Extremely Likely – Sam

Extremely Likely - Eileen

Extremely Likely – Hayley

Thank you to all our customers and learners for completing the course with us and we know how happy you were to receive your certificates afterwards.

One of the key takeaways from this as a business is that we are proud of the way we deliver the content as this is one of the main highlights from the feedback we receive. We are proud to ensure that there is a continuous improvement as an accredited training provider and act on the feedback we receive. Lastly to know that you would recommend us to others just makes me feel over the moon.

We always look forward to receiving your feedback so we can continue to educate in the best way possible. You can always be assured that as the Modern Mind Group we are keeping the learner at the heart of what we do.

If you are considering taking our mental health awareness course then the full course details can be found here.


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