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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

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Our topic this week was Expression and more specifically Intrapersonal Communication

(or self-talk as many call it)

How you talk to yourself when you are the source and the receiver makes a really big difference to your overall mindset and wellbeing.

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Here are my 3 Key Takeaways from this week's blog article -

  1. 80% of what we say to ourselves has been found to be negative

  2. The brain is wanting to help us survive although not thrive

  3. Reframing our self talk to more positive statements can help us to change our outlook and increase our mood

Read the full article here - How Can Self Talk Help Me?

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Here are the questions I was asked this week -

  1. I want to write a journal but I don't know what to write about?

  2. My inner voice is telling me it's wrong to have a lie-in when on holiday and I feel guilty, how can I change it?

  3. Bad things people say replay in my mind, how can I forget about them?

  4. I have tried meditation but I keep getting distracted, how can I get better?

Check out the video #replay here - LIVE Q&A Thurs 29th October


Here's an exercise shared on Tuesday that you can try it's called


The idea is to list the negative or not so positive things you say to yourself and then reframe them. Get a pen and paper -

✒️ Make a T-chart on the page

✒️ Then at the top of the chart for each column write, on the left = Inner critic on the right = Coach Me

✒️ Now list in the left column, under Inner Critic, all the things you say to yourself that are critical and negative about yourself for example "people say I'm too loud"

✒️ Now on the right, under Coach Me, write the opposite or benefit of what you wrote, if we go with the above example 'people say I'm too loud" Vs "I am energetic and uplift others"

Keep going until your list is complete. You can do it! I believe in you, now believe in yourself!

Give it a go, let me know how it goes....

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