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Our topic this week was Emotional Intelligence and more specifically Manage Your Emotions (Emotional Self-Regulation). Part of emotioneering the Modern Mindset

How we increase our emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships with ourselves as well as others is vitally important in the world today.

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Here are my 3 Key Takeaways from this week's blog article -

  1. Learn to respond and not react.

  2. Managing our emotions is not about ignoring them or suppressing them, it's about controlling them until it is appropriate to express them.

  3. When a person has a meltdown or shuts down it is often because they have run out of the fuel that helps them manage stressors

Read the full article here - How Do I Start To Manage My Emotions?

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Here are the questions I was asked this week -

  1. I find it confusing, I'm told not to ignore my emotions, and then when I express them I am told I am too emotional can you explain please?

  2. How do I manage road rage and calm down?

  3. When I am in love I find my stress disappears why is that?

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Here's a top tip I shared on Tuesday that you can try :

Label & Let Go

You can use this when you have a very intense emotion that you want to release it.

⭐️ STEP 1 - Focus on the unwanted emotion you are feeling and label it.

⭐️ STEP 2 - Ask yourself 'CAN I let this feeling go?' Yes or No

⭐️ STEP 3 - Ask yourself 'WILL I let this feeling go?' Yes or No

⭐️ STEP 4 - Ask yourself 'WHEN will I let it go?' - The answer should be 'NOW'

⭐️ STEP 5 - Repeat if needed until the feeling subsides for now.

There is a great way to remember this technique by using a mnemonic -








Let me know how it goes...

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