Virtual Monthly Mindset Club - Emotioneering The Modern Mindset

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This initiative was started in 2020 and we have successfully held the monthly virtual mindset club throughout this year. Here's a bit about it all:

This will be monthly on the last Wednesday of the month  7.30 PM - 9.30 PM

Hosted by Melissa Curran 

  • Mindset Coach & Counsellor

  • Mental Health Advocate

  • 5 Years European Business Consultant

  • Leadership Pro

Outlook from Inlook - Emotioneering The Modern Mindset. The agenda is simple.....


The agenda is YOU! 


This club will:

  • Increase your confidence and motivation

  • Build Self Esteem

  • Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

  • Silence Your Inner Critic 

  • Provide a platform for you to meet other like minded people to grow your network

It's about YOU taking action and understanding strengths, weaknesses, setting goals, silencing your inner critic. 

If you are a wanting to improve your mindset and mental wellbeing then this is the club for you. 


It's a monthly meeting for genuine people with genuine challenges and questions. 

To build relationships, skills and network with like minded people

One thing we all have in common is our internal inner critic - Let's grow together and gain outlook from inlook. 

This club will tie the psychological and mechanical skills/techniques together. 

Guest speakers to be arranged monthly. 

Here's what people say about the club:

"Thank you for organising this. I have had so much value from the virtual mindset club. I can't wait for next month!" - Bobbie

"What a great event Melissa! Thanks for hosting and to all who attended/ spoke. Stay in touch everyone." -Simon

"So valuable! Massive thanks to you and the guest speakers for insights plus wisdom. Equally great to get some new literature to read and make new connections too." - Julian


Outlook From Inlook - Virtual Mindset Cl

Wed 27th January  - 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM