Offering 1-2-1 online coaching services via secure video call that are booked in advance with a trained, accredited coach.

If you've got to this page and are considering online coahing then well done in taking the first steps. You've likely tried some self help measures and now want to take action. You are not alone, Many people come to a cross roads in life and want to reach a happier healthier place. Our coaches are trained in -

Counselling, Psychology , Fitness, Health, Wellbeing, Relationships and Business.

The role of a coach is to offer confidential impartial support, by getting to know you over a number of sessions. The aim is to empower you to take back control of your life, emotions and behaviours so that you can be a happier healthier version of you.


You will be welcomed with empathy and compassion.


Some people ask 'how long it will take?', it can differ from person to person, although the average number of sessions will be  around 6 -10 after this you can always come back for maintenance sessions should you need more or your circumstances change. That's because life can throw all sorts of challenges our way and you never know when you may need more support.


Online coaching is super convenient because you can be in the comfort of your own home or office which saves you time. It is done via video link or phone call with an experienced and fully trained coach.