Life can bring so many challenges and problems our way, that it can affect us mentally. This can leave us wondering whether we should get help or start to take steps to look after our wellbeing.


We often hear people say "How do I know if I am in a good frame of mind?" or "I am not sure what I am feeling" leaving many confused and looking for answers.


Melissa Curran, Mindset Coach and Counsellor, created the Mindset Score after having a particularly bad week mentally, with the mission to help educate and guide others into understanding their own mindset. 


Get your Mindset Score today and let us help you to understand you. It takes 10 minutes and all answers are confidential.


We do encourage sharing with others so they know how you are and also to raise awareness. 

Here's what people say so far about the Mindset Score - 

"I think it's really useful and can see this as something that could be used on a personal level and for workplaces like my own to help get a feel for where our colleagues' mindsets are at."

"I love the way it looks and it made me want to read more. I like that it also advised me on tips on how to feel better"

"Reply was great, thank you and I love the infographics. So helpful"

"Love the mindset score and found the outcome about how I feel to be true for me at this time. Congratulations!  I am viewing it on my phone and it is phone friendly as well." 

"Quick and easy to understand. I like the explanation of things you can do to improve it."

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