Emotioneering to change the hearts and minds of at least

one million people for the better

“I’m Melissa Curran, founder of the Modern Mind Group. Over the last 20 years there has been one main driving force behind my motivation and that is, my passion for people. I created this business to make an impactful difference to other people's lives through self development. 

Having overcome the trauma of losing someone very close to me, a few years ago, I am now driven by emotion to empower others. 

Offering training courses, coaching, counselling, and motivational speaking, the approach is very person centred, existential and humanistic, believing that everyone has the ability to grow through a journey of self awareness, to reach their maximum potential. 

I would describe myself as an emotioneer, cultivating a safe and comfortable environment to express and explore emotions, whether that is in a one to one session or as part of a training workshop. I know that you will never change someone’s mind if you cannot speak to their heart. 

Seeing people improve, step by step, to grow, ease their suffering, go back into society a lot stronger and more confident is the ultimate reward. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the process is. 

The Modern Mind Group is a business built on acceptance, transparency, empathy, reason, compassion, encouragement and empowerment.  We can be champions to you overcoming whatever mindset may be holding you back. Contact us today to take the first step to a healthier happier future.”

Also offering world class content creation for training material, workshops and courses. The Modern Mind Group can also offer services as affiliate training partner to deliver your training material with a network of inspiring trainers and facilitators. 

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