Because People Are Driven By Emotion


Emotioneering to change the hearts and minds of at least

one million people for the better


As a learning and performance consultancy, we work with your business to identify and improve performance gaps so that you can be more profitable and professionally develop your people.


Over 10 years of expertise in learning and performance with results to back it all up. 

The Modern Mind Group was founded in 2019 by Melissa Curran who has a wealth of experience in many sectors. as a Learning and Performance Consultant with over 10,000 hours in coaching and consultancy.


Melissa says this -

"Over the last 20 years there has been one main driving force behind my motivation and that is, my passion for people. I created this business to make an impactful difference in other people's lives through learning and performance."

Offering training courses, coaching and consultancy, the approach is very person-centred, existential and humanistic, believing that everyone has the ability to grow through a journey of self-awareness, to reach their maximum potential.

We know that you will never change someone’s mind if you cannot speak to their heart.

Seeing people improve, step by step, grow, and be a lot more confident is the ultimate reward. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the process is.

The Modern Mind Group is a global business built so that we can be champions to you closing performance and skills gaps to drive business growth and development of people. Contact us today to take the first step to a healthier, happier, wealthier team.”

Also offering world-class content creation for training material, workshops and courses.

Our Clients & Partners

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